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8 Tips for Safe Travels this Memorial Day Weekend

With more people on the roads, it’s important to drive safely. Be well rested and alert, use your seat belts, observe speed limits, and follow the rules of the road. 

Other tips for safe travels include:

  1. Give your full attention to the road. Avoid distractions such as cell phones.
  2. Use caution in work zones.
  3. Don’t follow vehicles too closely.
  4. Clean your vehicle’s lights and windows to help you see.
  5. Turn your headlights on as dusk approaches. or during inclement weather.
  6. Don’t let your vehicle’s gas tank get too low. If you have car trouble, pull as far as possible off the road/highway.
  7. Carry a disaster supplies kit in your trunk (i.e. charged cell phone, tire gauge, jumper cables, duct tape, water, blanket, nonperishable snacks).
  8. Let someone know where you’re going (your route and when you expect to get there).

We wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day weekend, and safe travels!


Sources: Red Cross