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Protecting your employees and business

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance helps your staff recuperate from work-related injuries or illnesses and protects your business interests. Start your Workers Compensation Insurance quote.

What is Workers Compensation Insurance?
Workers compensation insurance, also known as workers' compensation insurance, workman’s comp, or workers’ comp, protects business owners from claims filed by an employee who may experience a work-related injury or illness due to business operations. Coverage protects an employer from being sued by an injured or sick worker in most cases.

Typically, workers' compensation insurance covers an employee's medical expenses, and rehabilitation costs, and helps to replace lost wages if they are unable to work, or in the case an employee loses their life on the job, it will also pay a funeral benefit. 

Risk Strategies | Joyce Insurance Group can develop a complete solution for your unique business insurance needs. We’ll create a package that will create a safer, more productive workplace, and more confident and secure workers while ensuring your best interest.

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