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Cyber Liability Insurance

Joyce Insurance Group - PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS FROM THE UNEXPECTED with Cyber Liability Insurance. Contact us today for a free consultation

Just about any organization that uses technology to do business faces cyber risk. And as technology becomes more complex and sophisticated, so do the threats we face — which is why every business and organization needs to be prepared with both an effective cybersecurity plan, and a cyber liability insurance policy to manage and mitigate cyber risk. Regardless of size or industry, Joyce Insurance Group offers a Cyber Insurance Program that can help better protect your business. Contact us today at (570) 655-2831 for a Free Cyber Risk Consultation.

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Cyber Risk Q & A

What is a Cyber Risk?
A cyber risk is a financial loss, disruption or damage to the reputation of an organization as a result of technology systems. All it takes is one fund(s) transfer fraud, ransomware, or email compromise to cripple a company.

What can organizations do to protect themselves from a Cyber Risk/Threat?
Preparation is key to limiting a potential cyber-related event. Every business and organization should be prepared with both an effective cybersecurity plan and a cyber liability insurance policy.

How can Cyber Liability Insurance protect you?
A cyber liability insurance policy can cover nearly anything and everything that relates to cyber incidents and technology failures, such as:

Who needs Cyber Liability Insurance?
Simply stated, any business or organization using a computer and connected to the internet. Smaller businesses are often targets of cybercriminals including:

Cyber Risk 101

Cyber Risk 101

As our reliance on technology and data continues to increase, cyber risks do as well. Learn more about these risks, and how the services offered can help you protect your business.

Cybercriminals Increasingly Target Small and Midsize Businesses

Although large-scale cyber incidents garner major media focus, data shows that cyber criminals are increasingly turning their attention to smaller companies. In fact, 62% of all cyber breach victims are small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), according to Small Biz Trends. Evidence shows that this trend of targeting SMEs will continue to rise. Why are smaller businesses the favored targets of cyber criminals? Most likely because bad actors know that SME leaders often mistakenly think that cyber security services are beyond their means, making them under-protected and easily breached. Read the First Quarter 2019 Report

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