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Personal Umbrella Insurance

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Personal umbrella insurance isn't just for the wealthy. It's for everyone. That's why we offer comprehensive and affordable protection. Regardless of the car, you drive or if you’re a homeowner, condo owner or renter, you could be vulnerable to legal action and large judgments. You’ll also want extra protection if you have an ATV, RV, boat, or motorcycle.

Umbrella Insurance Can Provide:

- An extra $1 million to $10 million of liability coverage, which can help protect assets such as your home, car, and boat.
- Coverage for claims like libel, slander, defamation of character and invasion of privacy.
- It also helps cover defense costs, attorney fees and other charges associated with lawsuits.

An umbrella policy is a valuable addition to any auto, homeowners or other policy for extended personal liability protection.

In today's world, anyone can get hit with a lawsuit. That's why it's more important than ever to consider an added layer of protection for your assets – and your peace of mind.

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Do you have enough liability insurance?

Liability Insurance Starts When the Other Stops

Imagine what would happen if there was an accident on your rental property or your dog was to bite your neighbor's child. If any of these things happened to you, there’s a good chance your current liability limits wouldn’t be adequate to protect your assets, or your future earnings.

Once the liability limits are exhausted on your home, auto, or other policy, your umbrella policy takes over and provides a second layer of protection of at least $1,000,000. Higher limits may also be available.

Talk with Joyce Insurance's team to determine the right amount of coverage for your needs.