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Commercial Liability Insurance for Grading & Excavation Contractors

Excavation Contractors Insurance Program

Excavation contractors never know what the day or the job will bring. Minor problems can lead to major repairs and simple fixes can turn into complex projects. To be prepared, contractors need to have the right tools on hand and the right coverage in place. As an excavation contractor, you face significant liability risks each time you begin to move the earth. These can include risks associated with adequate soil compaction and meeting proper grades for water runoff, as well as first-party property damage exposures to your heavy equipment.

You also face risks associated with equipment operator error; hitting underground utilities that can cause widespread damage, and worker injury from strains falls from equipment or being caught in or under heavy materials and equipment. Soil conditions prone to movements, such as landslides and mudslides, soil runoff on the job site and other risks associated with environmental regulation, are a real concern for excavation contractors. We have a deep understanding of the business risks you face.

Our Excavation Contractors Insurance Program offers products and insights to help you stay ahead of risk, and keep your projects running smoothly. Broad, tailored coverages and enhancements are based on our deep knowledge and experience in the construction industry, specifically designed to meet the needs of Excavation Contractors.

This program is perfect for:
• Excavation work
• Foundation digging
• Grading of land

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