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Nonowner Car Insurance

Non-owner,  non-owner car insurance, or nonowner car insurance is liability coverage for drivers who don’t own a vehicle.

Someone who doesn’t own a vehicle might need this coverage if they frequently rent cars, borrow a friend’s car, drive someone else’s car, or are required to carry liability insurance to keep their driver’s license may need nonowner car insurance. Unfortunately, too many drivers may not carry appropriate amounts of coverage for you or your family’s injuries, lost wages, and property damage in the event of a severe accident. And if you don’t have an auto policy of your own, you’re at the mercy of the other driver’s insurance coverage to cover your damages.

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Non-owner insurance extends the liability coverage on your commercial policy to your employees’ vehicles, but only for occasional use. Coverage could only apply as long as the car is not owned, registered, or contracted in the business’s name or on its behalf.

Non owner car insurance can provide you and your family the protection you need if you:

  • Drive a company car for personal use
  • Frequently rent a car
  • Are you a passenger in or driving someone else’s car
  • Get struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian

Non-owner car insurance is less expensive than regular auto insurance and can give you the peace of mind you need for yourself and your family. We have a number of companies that offer nonowner car insurance.  If you are a car sharing service or thinking about purchasing a non owner policy, call us today or get your Free Online Quote.

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